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A decent proposal

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At Hinterbrook, we understand the role we play in setting a great scene for an enjoyable afternoon, a dinner, a first date or marriage proposal. We also understand that you want things to be just right and need your space sometimes too. So let us know about that special picnic, stroll or proposal and we’ll see […]

Be our NOMAD Label Designer & Receive $1000 Reward

Hinterbrook Wine on Wood_ExpressYourself

NOMAD Wine is the story of people. You. Our visitors travel the world to come to Hinterbrook, share their stories and experiences. These people are the NOMAD. Travellers, adventurers, discoverers, artists — people like you — tell their stories by drawing and painting on each label of NOMAD as contributors to the whole text of this place. NOMAD invites you to […]



A winery needs a listener of that expression but more than an audience, they need participants so that together we build a great experience. Your contribution is what keeps the experiences alive and tells the story in a way we could never imagine. So we created the NOMAD label to involve you in the expression. We invite you to […]

Our Newest Award from Decanter Worldwide


Our 2014 Riesling Icewine has won 2016 Decanter Worldwide Awards – Silver 90 Points. You can purchase it here.

A View From Somewhere

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What’s the Canadian experience, let alone the Niagara one? We like to think it’s that peaceful grace of the farm or vineyard that fades into the horizon. We see it as the way Canadians look forward to that first brisk burst of frigid air that hits your face as you walk out the door, like an old friends’ […]

The NOMAD Gallery

Hinterbrook Sketching

Explore a gallery of your NOMAD friend’s visual stories.

We have re-opened!

Our 2015 Franc Blanc and Travellers Riesling are back on shelf. Come in for a tasting. – Nomad at Hinterbrook

Eating a Region

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  The thing about best kept secrets is that once the world figures it out, you have to listen to all the cool kids over dinner tell you how great it used to be and wonder why they never let anyone know. Well here’s your chance — psst, we’re letting you know now. Niagara is quietly […]


  • We are open until 6:00 today, come in to check our new gorgeous renovation🍷❤️Cheers # hinterbrook #vineryards #winery #ecoconscious #beautifulday #newrelease #rose #nomad #relax #victoriaday #havefun #canada #niagararegion
  • ✋. If you're a fan of premium quality wine, stop by at #hinterbrook and pick up bottles of our newly released 2010 and 2012 Reserve #wines. The pinnacle of Niagara winemaking starts at $54.95!
  • Celebrating Dad? Stop by and pick up the perfect bottle of #wine to make this a #HappyFathersDay.