Your Story with Hinterbrook

A gift from grandpa allows our little genius artist to create her own wine label! Tell us your story with Hinterbrook!

About Our French Oak

The choice of French Oak is not only the matter of brand and flavor, but more importantly, the quality of the oak itself. Quality difference of oak depends on the years of air dry. Every 225L oak at Hinterbrook had air dried for about 3 years, market price over €1000 per oak. The oaks with […]

The Story of the NOMAD

At Hinterbrook Estate Winery, we aim to convey the true expression of the land and its people through authentic thoughtfully crafted wines. Our NOMAD label is about more than just exquisite wine, it is about the journey…the experience. Visit us to create your own story, design your own label and share your adventure with the […]