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A View From Somewhere

What’s the Canadian experience, let alone the Niagara one? We like to think it’s that peaceful grace of the farm or vineyard that fades into the horizon. We see it as the way Canadians look forward to that first brisk burst of frigid air that hits your face as you walk out the door, like an old friends’ […]

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Eating a Region

  The thing about best kept secrets is that once the world figures it out, you have to listen to all the cool kids over dinner tell you how great it used to be and wonder why they never let anyone know. Well here’s your chance — psst, we’re letting you know now. Niagara is quietly […]

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A decent proposal

At Hinterbrook, we understand the role we play in setting a great scene for an enjoyable afternoon, a dinner, a first date or marriage proposal. We also understand that you want things to be just right and need your space sometimes too. So let us know about that special picnic, stroll or proposal and we’ll see […]


Gentler Steps

For local wine, like most agricultural products made naturally from the soil, it’s not a stretch to suggest that it’s an ecologically sound industry. We gently grow fruit that’s converted to a beverage using easy age old processes, bottled and packaged simply and shipped relatively short distances to your door gathering very little inherent waste […]