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Musical Pairings


The sweet bubbles of our 2017 Sparkling Summer are reminiscent of the pop songs you blast at full volume in your car on the way home from work. The playfulness and bright flavours of this sparkling wine will take you back to your most joyous moments in the way only the best pop songs do. Once you taste this song you’re going to want to play it on repeat.



The intimate flavour of our 2019 Sparkling Firefly II will bring you closer to whomever your sharing this bottle with. Let the sparkling embers of this wine guide you through this fiery dance, igniting the passion in your soul.


Classical Music

The complexity of our 2020 Pinot Noir Rosé is akin to the intricate compositions of classical artists like Chopin and Debussy. Follow the different notes on your palette and taste this delicate melody on your tongue. Some say listening to classical music makes you smarter. If that is true, this wine will turn you into a genius.



The 2016 Wanderlust II is a wine that is walking its own, unique path in life. The distinct notes of this full-bodied wine will guide you in surprising directions. Its deep and smoky voice will make you feel like you’re enjoying a night out in one of the best jazz clubs in the world.



The gentle sweetness of our 2020 Autumn Snow Riesling tells a story of autumn frost and cozy evenings by the fire. It spins a tale of forgotten memories, brought back to light with refreshing clarity and wonder.